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  • "We feel that Sensei Trimble’s vision has been realised. The F.S.K. now has an excellent reputation both nationally & internationally "

F.S.K. History

The Federation of Shotokan karate was formed in 1986 by Sensei Aidan Trimble 7th Dan. Sensei Trimble's aim was to build an association that stands for excellence without exclusion, that produce's students and instructors who are knowledgeable in both kumite and kata and where instructors feel free to question and express their own ideas.

We feel that Sensei Trimble's vision has been realised. The F.S.K. now has an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.

In the area of competition we have competed very well and can now boast several World Champions and have many students representing the All Styles England Squad.

The F.S.K. has competed in the following International Tournaments.

  • The Las Vegas Traditional Karate Tournament. 1989, 1990, 1998
  • The J.K.A. World Championships, Dubai
  • The England, Ireland, Wales Tournament. Cork, Ireland
  • The Fajer Games, Iran & The Ryobukai Traditional Tournament, Los Angeles
  • The Children and Cadets World Championships, Hungary. 1993, 2000
  • The Children's World Championships, South Africa
  • The Funakoshi World Tournament, Las Vegas

The F.S.K runs regular courses and Championships throughout Great Britain and membership is through an affiliated club. The F.S.K also has representatives outside the UK. If you are a shotokan Club in the U.K interested in joining the F.S.K. or if you would like to book Sensei Trimble for a course then please contact the secretary or Chief instructor at the contact address provided. The F.S.K. are also interested in clubs and groups who wish to represent the F.S.K. outside the U.K.