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News Summary


FSK attend Ticky Donavon's Testimonial Evening

Sensei Trimble recently attended Ticky Donavon's testimonial evening along with Dave Hazard. Ticky Donavon arguably the best sport Karate coach in the World has just retired as the England National coach a role now taken by Wayne Otto OBE. Sensei Trimble and Sensei Hazard were invited along with some of Britain's most famous competitors to pay tribute to a truly exceptional individual. Under Sensei Donavon Britain won more consecutive world team titles than any other Nation.

FSK Celebrates 20 years success

The Federation of Shotokan Karate celebrated their twentieth anniversary this year with a Summer Ball held at the Rutland square hotel in Nottingham.


New Honbu Dojo opens

This year has seen the realization of a dream for Sensei Aidan Trimble as he opened the FSK Honbu Dojo in Nottingham.


Aidan Trimble Interview “The Evolution of a Modern Master” By Simon Oliver

It has been my pleasure, in life to train with hundreds of great people and personalities, but only a few keep my interest constant in the martial arts, Aidan Trimble is one of these greats!

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Sensie Trimble receives 7th Dan

Sensei Trimble was presented with his 7th Dan at the FSK National Championships, Harvey Haddon Sports Centre, Nottingham.

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Left to Right:

Ticky Donavon 8th Dan OBE

Aidan Trimble 7th Dan

Dave Hazard 7th Dan